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Results & Testimonials

Results & Testimonials

We have worked with hundreds of students through local tutoring, online tutoring, and the Members Area. Students who combined our methods & teachings with consistent practice & hard work have achieved some awesome gains. Here’s just a sampling of testimonials from our students:

“Hey Rob!

This is Andrew, a student who signed up for your online SAT course.

So the SAT scores just came out today and thanks to your SAT prep course videos, I hit my targeted score exactly! I got a 1550 and an 8/8/7 on the essay. I’ve went to many SAT prep centers and none of them helped boost my scores as much as your videos did, especially the essay portion. Last May, I only received a 1450 and a 6/4/6 on the essay, so this was a huge improvement for me.

I was just extremely satisfied with my score and all your help, so I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated everything that you did to help me, and I will definitely be referring all my juniors to your SAT Prep Course!”

Thanks again!

Andrew H., Reason Prep Member

Thanks so much for all your help with my ACT Prep. My composite score went from a 28 to a 35. The videos were very helpful, and the quick responses to my questions (and even custom video responses) helped make my studying go smoothly. Thanks again!

Patrick W., Reason Prep Member

Hey Robert,

I am very happy to inform you that I will be attending the University of Pennsylvania this upcoming fall and wanted to extend my gratitude for all your help. Reviewing for the ACT and SAT Subject tests with you really prepared me for the actual exams and thanks to our sessions, I was able to meet my target scores! Also, your essay comments helped me present myself in the best way possible via my writing! I will definitely recommend ReasonPrep to my friends as it was the most effective method to raise my scores as well as my confidence!

All the best,

Smriti S., Reason Prep Student & Member

Hey Rob,

Just wanna let you know [my daughter] got a 35 repeat a 35 on her ACT! Thanks so much for everything?! You did such an awesome job in preparing her! That translates to full tuition for 4 years in her school of choice! Again THANK YOU so very much!

Lori C., Parent

Hey Rob,

I just got my scores back, and I was pleasantly surprised that I exceeded my target score! I can personally say that your program–one of the most informative (and cheap!) that I have tried–played a key role in my scoring the way that I did. Thanks for the program, and keep up the great work!

James, Reason Prep Member

Dear Rob,

First of all I would like to thank you for the amazing SAT Courses that you have put together. My SAT scores are out today and I got a staggering 1510. I would’ve done a lot worse if I hadn’t studied your Reading section videos. Your answering strategies, descriptions of questions along with examples and their solutions are really useful. Honestly, I did a lot better than I thought I would. Heck, I didn’t even know what a comma splice was before I took this course…

Anyway, thanks again!

Safin, Reason Prep Member

“Dear Rob,

First of all, I would like to thank you! Got my SAT scores few weeks ago and the results were more than satisfying. I went from 1100 to 1600 in a month thanks to your videos! Croatia doesn’t have a lot of high quality SAT prep available so thank you for the opportunity to access your courses. Furthermore, thank you for making the prices so reasonable. 99% of Croatian students could not afford 2000$ courses that most of the online prep sites offer. I’m about to take SAT subjects in January and I’m looking forward to use your resources again.


Lorena L., Reason Prep Member


My daughter received her SAT scores today. Her total score went up by 200 points! Her math score went up by 130 points. She worked hard over the last few months, but I credit you with helping her focus in the right direction. The test strategies you taught her were the difference between her missing 5+ on the writing last time and only missing 2 this time. The practice material was also very helpful and ensured that she mastered the math content necessary for improving her math score. I have recommended you to several other parents. Thanks again!”

Tania P., Parent

“Dear Rob,

I have no idea how I found your site but I am sure glad I did! I have been referring this site to anybody I meet and I appreciate what it has done for me personally. After increasing my ACT English score about 10 points, I purchased a platinum membership and it has been the best value I have seen. Individualized to take at each one’s pace it has been the biggest help to review videos multiple times, whereas with a normal tutor, lessons can not be retaught. With this site, I have reached my goal of a 34 superscore. Rob is truly the best in the business!”

Thank you once again,
Tanish G., Reason Prep Member

“Dear Mr.Rob,

My score for my March SAT with essay came back weeks ago, and I was able to make 1550 and 7,6,7 on my essay.

I want to thank you for your help on my essays.

I am happy how my score turned out just like you graded my practice essays. I also want to thank you for grading and editing my essay that I turned in so last-minute before the test.

Also, I really benefited from your videos on official SAT practice tests. I was really hard for me to raise my score beyond 1480 using other books, but your videos helped me boost my score.

Natalie O., Reason Prep Member

“Hi Rob!

I just wanted to email to let you know that I got a 35 on the April ACT! I have really enjoyed working with you, both in tutoring sessions and extra help sessions. Your strategies have tremendously helped me to improve my scores, and I would definitely recommend your tutoring sessions to all my friends!”

Jonathan W., Reason Prep Member and Student

“[Student] got 1560 in SAT, super score is 1570!
He missed 3 in reading, 1 in writing and 1 in Math.

Thank you very much for your help. Wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance.”

J. V., Parent


Thank you so much for all of your help! Your videos brought me up 200 points—from 1360 Sophomore year all the way to 1560 Junior Year—the highest score in my whole school. Furthermore, if I had not reviewed your videos on essay writing the day before my test I would have had no idea what to do; however, I looked over the set of videos and got a 22 (8/6/8) on my essay. While many of my friends paid for one on one tutoring or spent hours doing in-person prep courses, none of them saw the improvements like mine. I recommend your course to everyone who asks!”

Joseph D., Reason Prep Member

I’m beyond thankful for finding your ACT/SAT website. Honestly I was a bit skeptical about online tutoring programs, but without your help I know I wouldn’t have gotten a 28 on my most recent ACT!!! My composite score increased a total of 5 points from the time I began taking your class! Thank you Mr. Rob for everything.

P.S: I got accepted into the university I wanted to go to, and I am applying for the nursing program offered at the university. Both of which are dreams that have become reality!!!”

Lisa, Reason Prep Member

“Hello Rob,

I received my SAT scores today.

English: 750
Math: 740
Essay: 8/8/8

I finally did it! Thank you so much for all your help! :)”

Kaela J., Reason Prep Member & Student

“I just wanted to let you know that yesterday it was decision day for NYU for ED II and I am proud to say that I got admitted with almost a full ride, which is rare for NYU haha! Anyways, I just wanted to take this time to thank you for all that you have provided these past two years. From tutoring with SATs, giving amazing advice, checking over my essays, and so much more. I took the PSAT offered in fall my sophomore year and got a 122 which was essentially a 1220. And then I spent the next two years studying with your strategies and guidance and ended with a 1980, only 20 shy of my goal. A 760 point improvement! Then you also helped me out so much with the college essays and supplements and I feel like they made a big difference as well! So thank you so so much for everything!!”

Haji A., Reason Prep Member &  Student

“I spent roughly 4 hours with Rob over the course of 2 weeks before my June ACT test date and I was able to raise my composite score 4 points from my April test date. I would highly recommend spending the money to hire Rob as your tutor, he’s always available and will help you with anything you need.”

Parker J., Reason Prep Member & Student

[My son] got a 1500!!! 750 in each section. Thank you for your help pushing him to that level!

Ariane B., Parent

“Hey Rob,

I just wanted to reach out to you and say THANK YOU for all of your help preparing me to do well on my standardized tests. Before I came to you I was struggling getting my test scores into the upper ranges, but after I completed your video series, got feedback on my essays, and took more tests I got scores in the 99% for both the SAT and ACT.

Ultimately, after the long and stressful college admissions process, I narrowed my two options for college down to Harvard and Yale, and I decided to commit to Yale University. Although I have always been strong in school and extracurriculars, I really feel like your assistance put me over the edge and played a role in my admission into some of the world’s best colleges. I have recommended you to many of my friends and teachers at school because I truly believe you are an amazing tutor with so much to offer.

Thanks again so much and I wish you the best of luck in your future!”

Andrew R., Reason Prep Member

“Hey Rob I just got my ACT results back. I received a composite score of 32 (35 E,28 M,34 R, 29 S), which is 5 points higher than my score was before working with you (30 E, 27 M, 28 R, 26 S). I couldn’t do it without your unconditional support and videos.”

George, Member & Student

“Hey Rob, this is Nicholas. I sent an email  about a month and a half ago explaining my story. I have my subject scores from the February act back now, and I just want to share with you how I did. I brought my composite up from a 27 in December to a 31 in this past test. I started your course like the second in January and drilled myself up to the day before the test. It was not easy at all, especially with regular ap classes at school, but I worked hard because I know I had to improve my scores.

My biggest jumps were a 30 to 34 in English and a 22 to 32 in science. I also got 32 in math. My reading score, 27, brought me down a little bit. I spent more time on three of the passages and had to guess on most questions on the fourth. That was what I was kind of expecting, but I was just hoping I could finish he first 3 a little quicker to give me more time.

I just want to thank you very much for the support and guidance your act courses gave me . I didn’t really follow the act study plan course, but I watched most all strategy videos and did many many practice sections, that definitely helped.”

Nicholas K., Reason Prep Member

“Reason Prep has been one of the most helpful resources for SAT prep since my sophomore year. I started with a 1300-1400 on the old sat, and on the new sat I started with a 1200~, with a 13-14 essay. Through Rob’s lectures and his amazing essay grading, I was able to get well over 1400 and get into the high 20’s on my essay. Really good program for a really good price! Thank you so much Rob!”

Steven K., Reason Prep Member

Hello Mr. Schombs.

Just wanted to thank you for all your help! I got a 35 (34E, 36M, 35R, 36S) on the ACT and an 800 on the Math 2.

Thanks again!
Agnes T., Reason Prep Student

“The results are in: SAT Score of 2300! 750 CR, 800 Math, 750 W.

Congratulations to Rob for a job well done in tutoring!  Rob provided a personalized study plan for my son which was not too broad, allowing him to focus on the difficult math and reading questions to achieve the highest percentiles.  Rob’s clear and thorough instruction in grammar and writing resulted in a significant improvement from initial testing scores.  Rob’s approach emphasizes applying what is learned to correct mistakes.  His quality instruction is top-notch and the tutoring sessions were not only comprehensive but enjoyable because of Rob’s style and ability to connect with my son.  We used Skype for tutoring which was convenient and truly did create an environment of being in the same room.

I would highly recommend Rob as a tutor!”

UPDATE: “I wanted to share with you the good news that Andrew was accepted to Princeton University early decision!  We so appreciate your fabulous tutoring in helping him jump through the SAT top percentile hoop.”

Katherine L., Parent

“I just got my October SAT score…My score went up a lot after following your videos and spending the summer practicing. I got 2060 this time (R: 590, M:740, W: 730). The last time I took it I got 1550 (R:350, M:630, W: 570). My score went up 510 points!! Thank you so much for all the help Rob. If I had not watched you videos, I could not have improved this much. You are super helpful fixing my essay too. Thanks to you I got 730 on the Writing part (10 for the essay). My reading score is the worst of all but it did improve by more than 200 points so I can’t really say anything about it. Honestly, I can’t even describe how happy I am right now. Since my score is above 2000 now, it’s going to get me in a lot of good colleges. In addition, more scholarships are available for me now. Again, thank you so much Rob! You’re awesome!”

David N., Reason Prep Member

“Mr. Schombs has been a great tutor, mentor, and teacher over the course of time. His content and way of teaching is really helpful and unique. I have improved about 200-250 points on my SAT by using the material on Reason Prep and by also having detailed one-on-one conversations through email. Mr. Schombs offers a lot of ways for him to give you the feedback you need in order to understand what you need to improve on. Furthermore, he gives each student the time he/she deserves in order to excel on the SAT. Along with standardized test prep, he does a great job giving adequate advice for higher education. If you follow the videos and advice he gives, I’m sure you will see big gains in your score. Reason Prep is amazing!”

Yash S., Reason Prep Member

“Thank you soo much! Got a 2000 on my SAT! 400 points better than the first time I did it!”

Enrique, Reason Prep Member

“I am very grateful for all the times you graded my kid’s essays. It was a big help and she achieved the score that she wanted for that section. She watched all your videos for each section and even improved on the sections that she already mastered. Parents should not even consider having their kids take any prep courses. Your study guides and essay grading are more than sufficient. If the kid is disciplined enough to go through every video you have made, then those high scores are easily achievable. Thank you for helping others. You have done a wonderful job!”

Anna, Parent

“I really wanted to thank you again for all your help and support. I committed to Mount Holyoke College, MA, with a good financial aid package that includes generous grants and aids which are not easily given to international students. I was honestly very happy with this decision especially because Mount Holyoke College is not only one of top 5 women’s colleges in the US but also the one that especially emphasizes equal opportunities of Math and Science education for women.

I really want to tell you again that all this was possible because you have helped me in so many ways! I more than truly appreciate all your time, efforts and careful & sincere advice, suggestions as well as all those great SAT videos!!

Oh, by the way, I got 660 CR, 800 MT, and 670 WR, and in total, 2130 which is a definite growth from 184 of PSAT (in my Junior year). Thank you sooo much. It was all possible because I learned so much from you including all the basic tips, techniques, and skills as well as the actual ability of critically reading, writing and understanding.

Thank you so much again Mr.Rob :D”

Sarah, Member & Student

“Hello Rob, Thank you for your support and your guidance through out my SAT career. I started the SAT in January 25th with a score of 1650 and now I ended with a 2230, and I thank reason prep for it’s writing curriculum.  I got  a 10 on the essay following what you taught me. Thank you Rob very much. Now wish me luck on my college application journey!!!!”

Dake, Reason Prep Member

“Hey! I don’t know if you remember me, but I sent you the PSAT scores for your evaluation. And then I got your course! Well, I got a 193 the first time, but I just got my scores back from this past October! My goal was a 210 (the previous year’s “cut-off” score for Alabama), and I got a 223 (71/78/74)!! Thank you so much for your help. I definitely wouldn’t have done that well if I hadn’t watched your videos. I have to take the SAT later on as part of the competition, and I will definitely continue to use your videos to stay fresh and get ready!”

Zach, Reason Prep Member

“I got my SAT scores this Monday and I received a 1930 (only 70 points away from my goal). I got 690 in Math, 660 in Writing with an essay of 10, and 580 in Critical Reading. I just wanted to thank you because your videos really did help me out. I learned more from your videos than I learned from my SATprep classes. All of your strategy videos kept coming to my mind during the test; for example, where the most points are, what questions I shouldn’t miss, and how I should pace myself. You really gave me confidence through your videos and that’s one thing that wouldn’t have come to me so easily. For all of this and much more, I just really wanted to thank you for all your help!”

Roocha S., Reason Prep Member

“I got my scores today and I want to thank you for making the videos. They really helped me, especially Math and CR videos. When I took a practice SAT test for the first time before any studying I got only 1500 but after studying, practicing and watching your videos I increased my score to 2020. You have done really good job creating those videos and I think this was the best way to study for it for me since I do not live in the US.”

Ester, Reason Prep Member

“2 months ago I received a 490 on the writing portion of the SAT.  Since then, I’ve been preparing with your videos.  My results just came in and I got a 790.  Thank you so much, I owe you everything.”

G, Youtube Comment

I’ve enrolled in your program and it’s honestly one of the best SAT programs I’ve ever done. Better then any course I’ve attended and paid more than triple the price for….Honestly Rob, you have been a great teacher. You’re extremely thorough and to the point which I really like. In my case I have always lacked in the Math section but with your examples and teaching methods I find that I’m beginning to excel in the sections….Thank you very much. I cant show my appreciation enough.”

Safia A., Reason Prep Member

“Hi, I recently watched your youtube video about the new SAT changes and I totally forgot to say thank you for providing a lot of help! I got 350 more points than my previous SAT scores and I got accepted to four different colleges! I really liked the writing parts where you explained all the basic grammar I needed to know! Also, I really want to thank you for the email fast responses! I will totally recommend more high school SAT prep students to join reasonprep.com! Sincerely, James M, accepted from Purdue University”

James, Reason Prep Member

“I would like to thank you for your kindness and also want to tell you that due to the High SAT score I got, I have been admitted to both Middlebury College and Carnegie Mellon University.”

Ibrahim, Reason Prep Member

“I just really want to thank you for all of your help! I experienced a huge increase in my SAT score! I went from scoring a 1760ish on practice exams to a 2070 by using your videos! I plan on taking the SAT one more time in the fall after watching all of your videos. Thank-you so much!”

Anita, Youtube comment

“Thanks a lot Bro!! got a 2280 on the SAT’s I was always getting a 1700 until I started watching your vids… Thanks again!!”

Ajstyles621, Youtube comment

 “After watching these 30 videos along with taking notes on the material, I took couple of Blue Book tests. I started out with about a 600. I was baffled because I had worked so hard on getting through the videos and my score was still bad. I then slowly began to realize how to apply the concepts I learned here and eventually ended up on my last practice test with a 780, (missed only 1 problem out of 49. These videos in general are amazing and will allow you to see sentences in a new way”

Yousuf, Reason Prep Comment

“Being someone who hasn’t taken any Chemistry courses for 2+ years now (no AP chem knowledge or any other curriculum), I achieved a score of 760 in my SAT Chemistry Subject Test. This was done in a month and with little to none knowledge of the subject in general. I also received a score of 800 and 790 in Math Levels 1 and 2 respectively as well as a 2300 on the SAT. You just got to put in the work and use Reason Prep as effectively and efficiently as possible! Thank You Mr.Rob! You the man!”

Asfandyar, Member & Student

“Due to your excellent programs I went from 2130 to 2330. 200 points increase. I was surprised at the 12/12 essay. Unbelievable! What a marvelous improvement. I grant all those to your teaching. I am so happy now, so I can just say that. Thank you.”

Hung, Reason Prep Member

“My daughter got her SAT results today. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you had put in guiding her. She got a very good score of 2290. She got 800 in Math and 770 in writing and 720 in reading.”

Parent of Tutoring Student

“Thank you for all the practice problems and assistance. With your help I was able to raise my score from a 2130 superscore to a 2280 superscore and single sitting score. I went from a: 670 CR, 710 M, 750 W (8 Essay) to a: 730 CR, 750 M, 800 W (12 Essay) Thank you so much for all your help!”

James M., Student & Member

With Rob’s helpful videos, I received an 800 on the SAT Chemistry Subject Test. The clear, concise explanations really helped me understand my mistakes and correct them on the test!

Gary L., Reason Prep Member

“Just want to say thank you for these ammmmaaaaaazzziiinnggggggg videos. I just got my results and in a matter of 2 weeks I jumped from 550 to 680 in my writing, all thanks to you! My next target is to get 700 on my writing. I am also excited to start the critical reading bootcamp! Thanks again 🙂

Rushma, Reason Prep Member

“I started to use your program during my junior year two weeks before my second SAT. I scored 1840 in January after doing your crash course. 300 points jump since my sophomore year. Then I study another 5 months, and scored a 1930. After that, I studied over the summer and got a 2120 on this one. Thank you again.

T. W., Reason Prep Member

“My son’s SAT score came just now:

Math: 750
Writing: 770

You helped him a lot in such a short time. Congrats to you also.

Victor, Parent of Tutoring Student

“Thank you for being a great tutor in the SAT and SAT 2. You helped me improve my scores and develop good study habits. My SAT score was 1950 when I started and improved to 2080 by the end. I just wanted to share with you my most recent accomplishment. I got into UC Berkeley for Fall 2015! I could not have done it without your help.”

Paul N., Member & Student

“Rob is a an amazing tutor. I would not have been able to get a 31 on the ACT without his help and guidance. His methods and tips on how to approach each section sets him apart from other tutors. If a particular topic is troublesome for you, he will explain it until you understand it perfectly. In addition to his tutoring , the videos on his website are extremely helpful and full of information. Rob is always willing to help and easily accessible to answer questions when ever he is needed. Whenever someone asks I always recommend Rob as an ACT tutor.”

Ellen, Member & Student

“The October 3 SAT results are out today and I was one of those who took the test. Over the summer, I sent you an e-mail on tips on how I can improve and said how your study-schedule video was extremely helpful! So, here are my results:
Before -> After

500 CR -> 650 CR
720 M -> 770 M
600 W -> 750 W

1820 -> 2170!

Thank you so much for your efforts in improving student’s lives!”

Brian, Reason Prep Member

“I did my SAT for the 2nd time this October (2015), and saw a huge improvement. The video tutorials and guidance that Reason Prep gave me was tremendously helpful in boosting my score 330 points, from a mere 1830 to an overwhelming 2160! I’d like to thank Mr. Robert for helping me analyse and understand my weaknesses. Mr. Robert gave me a clear idea–with his score report audit– as to how I should boost my score, by targeting my weak areas. I managed to raise my Math by 90 points (690 to 780), my Writing by 130 points (590 to 720), and my Reading by 110 points (550 to 660). I now have a score with me that will hopefully take me to my dream colleges! A lot of the credit goes to Reason Prep’s good tips, and strategies that helped me scrutinize this test inside out, which in turn enabled me to get so much more comfortable!

Thanks Mr. Robert!!”

Shavonn, Reason Prep Student

“Hi Rob,We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for all your guidance and help.A. took his SAT in October 2015. His Critical Reading scores jumped from 590 to 750. This is 100% your approach, guidance and help. His overall score is 2200 (M:720, V:750; W:740). He is planning to retake SAT in November (next few days) as he is confident he can boost his math score.We could not have done it without your AMAZING videos and personalized help.”

Murali, Parent of Reason Prep Member

“My experience with Reason Prep was crucial in developing the skills needed to perform well on my SAT exams. Rob was always there whenever I needed remediation for my weakness or if I was bothered by a minor question. He’s helped me improve my Chemistry subject test by 170 points and my Math + Critical Reading scores over 130 points just in the course of 3 months. I can’t say enough about the efficiency and productivity that Rob always brought to every session he held with me. The videos were certainly excellent, but knowing Rob as a person through a one on one tutoring program has led me to see the passion that he displays for assisting students in the college admissions process. Thank you for your help Rob!”

Brandon S., Member & Student

“Initially I struggled in reading and writing, but after watching the videos by Robert, my skills in these area were enhanced to a great extent which enabled me to tackle the difficult problems more confidently and with a greater ease, Robert… The learning material he provides is a complete package, which leaves no stone unturnt and covers each and every topic and goes through each and every detail, making your concepts crystal clear…Your program really helped me to become quicker and smarter about the questions, which made me so much more confident with the time limit, which helped calm me down generally during the test. For me, this is an amazing outcome, which I never thought I could achieve even in my wildest dreams.”

Muhammad, Reason Prep Member

“In my journey to achieve the dream of studying in an American university, it can be very difficult to find good prep materials online. When I found the Reason Prep Youtube channel, I was amazed. I registered on the website and started to use all the courses, and I have to say that the study plan that Reason Prep offers is one of the best things that I ever found online. After I started using it, my studying time became way more productive and smart, and I became more aware of my weaknesses and strengths. Thanks Rob for this amazing tool.”

Victor M., Reason Prep Member

“I enrolled in the course because I need a high composite score on my ACT to get accepted in a program offered at my college. I have completed watching the English ACT videos and found that my score increased by 3 points after taking 1 practice English test! Mr. Rob taught me new tips and tricks about getting the score that I want, and I truly believe that if you watch his videos you will also get the score you so desire.”

Lina, Reason Prep Member

“I’ve been using your site for a few months and I just wanted to thank you on creating this website! It is incredibly helpful! I’ve used it for ACT and SAT Subject Test prep and the way that you explain things is very clear and easy to understand. I went through your English Bootcamp and it helped me get a 36 on the English section of my ACT!”

Hossna Y., Reason Prep Member