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Welcome to Reason Prep! Here is a “best of” list of resources to help you get started (or continue!) your SAT and ACT Prep journey. For easy reference, we’ve organized them all on this page.

Most Popular Guides

Is it Possible? Improving on the SAT and ACT – One of the most common questions we get is, “I have x months to study and want to increase by y points. Is it possible?” To answer this question, we’ll tell you the five critical ingredients – S. M. A. R. T. – that you’ll need to reach your goals.

Should I Take the SAT or ACT? – Learn how to figure out which test to focus on in this article.

The Ultimate SAT & ACT Study Plan – An in-depth guide and accompanying free course that show you how to design a customized, hand-crafted SAT & ACT study plan.

Can’t Finish the Test in Time? – So many students struggle with time management on the SAT & ACT. But too much focus on “finishing” the test can actually hurt your score.

SAT Courses

(FREE) SAT Quickstart

(FREE) SAT Writing Course

All SAT Courses Bundle

ACT Courses

(FREE) ACT English Bootcamp

All ACT Courses Bundle

Practice Tests & Downloads

Practice PSAT and SATs

Practice ACTs

SAT & ACT Reading List – A list of newspapers, magazines, and books that will help you improve your reading comprehension skills.

SAT Vocabulary List – 750+ of the most common words that appear on the SAT Reading and Writing & Language tests.

SAT Grammar Diagnostic Test – Learn which grammar rules you need to review to ace the SAT Writing test.

ACT Math Gauntlet – Can you conquer this practice ACT Math test? If you can solve all 187 problems, you’re ready!

SAT Chemistry Practice Tests — Three real practice SAT Chemistry tests made by the College Board.


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