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Practice Tests

SAT & ACT Practice Tests

On this page you’ll find free downloadable and printable SAT and ACT Practice Tests.

Some of these tests come directly from the test makers – these official tests are absolute must-haves!

Other tests were handcrafted by me to help you improve your knowledge of SAT & ACT content, strategies, and tactics. These problems are based on real SAT & ACT questions and have been designed to optimize and accelerate your learning.

Official Practice Tests

Practice SATs

Practice ACTs

Diagnostic Tests

SAT Grammar Diagnostic Test — Learn which grammar rules you need to review to ace the SAT Writing test.

ACT Math Gauntlet — Can you conquer this practice ACT Math test? If you can solve all 187 problems, you’re ready!

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6 comments on “Practice Tests”

  1. Saima Tashfeen

    Need help with Subject SAT US History.
    Please let me know if you’re able to help.
    Many thanks.

  2. Dick Hanson

    Can you make an SAT math gauntlet?

  3. Muhammad Hamza Niaz

    which practice books do you recommend to buy other than the collegeboard books ?

    • ADP

      I would recommend using either Barron’s, Princton Review, or Kaplan books. They are very good quality and personally have been a huge help to me.