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Livestream #2

DATE: April 19, 2017


Here are highlights from the Reason Prep Livestream #2 – SAT/ACT study session:

0:00 Plan to improve SAT Reading & Writing
3:06 Best resources for ACT Prep
5:40 Studying ACT for free
7:31 How can I identify my weaknesses & improve them in Reading?
11:20 Difference between AP Chemistry & SAT Chemistry
13:48 Top three tips for increasing ACT Science to high 20s
16:12 How to take notes on incorrect problems
17:23 Should I annotate Reading passages?
18:17 Is SAT Chemistry heavy content-based?
19:09 ACT English v. SAT Writing
20:01 How to practice hard SAT Math & Grammar problems
21:29 How can I get a 36 on ACT Science?
22:37 Advice for US History SAT 2
23:31 Best way to study for AP US History
24:49 Studying for AP World History
25:38 How can I do better on purpose & main idea questions in SAT Reading?
27:36 What is a good SAT Subject Test score?
29:13 What does your SAT Writing Course offer?
29:52 How much to write for SAT Essay?
32:22 What does Reason Prep’s SAT Reading Course offer?
33:43 Which score can you increase the fastest?
34:51 Next livestream – Sunday, 4/23 at 2:00 PM EDT
36:09 Communicating with me in Reason Prep’s courses

FULL SHOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iDm3aoIJ7g


About the Author:

I’m Rob Schombs, the founder of Reason Prep, creator of these videos, and your test prep tutor. I earned a BA in Chemistry (2006) and an MA in Science and Technology Studies (2009) from Cornell University. In 2010 I started tutoring SAT, ACT, math, chemistry, and writing full-time, and Reason Prep followed shortly after!