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Conflicting Viewpoints Passages

Here’s an episode from my Reason Prep Daily series in which I work through some sample questions from a Science – Conflicting Viewpoints passage. These are the passages that require you to compare and contrast the viewpoints, hypotheses, or theories of different scientists or students. I recommend trying the questions yourself first before watching my solutions. In addition to giving the solutions in the video, I’ll discuss some general strategies for tackling these questions.




Questions from ACT Website can be found here.

About the Author:

I’m Rob Schombs, the founder of Reason Prep, creator of these videos, and your test prep tutor. I earned a BA in Chemistry (2006) and an MA in Science and Technology Studies (2009) from Cornell University. In 2010 I started tutoring SAT, ACT, math, chemistry, and writing full-time, and Reason Prep followed shortly after!