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Commas and Your Breath?

One of the most common tips you’ll hear for figuring out when and where to use commas is to, “Read the sentence and put in a comma where you take a breath or pause.”

While this advice is helpful in some situations, it’s not rigorous enough for quality writing or for getting questions right on the SAT Writing and ACT English tests. Instead, we need to know comma rules and how to apply those rules to sentences of different lengths and structures. I review those rules in detail in the ACT English Bootcamp and New SAT Writing Course.

I’ll explain more about why “Your Breath is no Guide” in the video below. First, try this problem:


About the Author:

I’m Rob Schombs, the founder of Reason Prep, creator of these videos, and your test prep tutor. I earned a BA in Chemistry (2006) and an MA in Science and Technology Studies (2009) from Cornell University. In 2010 I started tutoring SAT, ACT, math, chemistry, and writing full-time, and Reason Prep followed shortly after!