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ACT Math Gauntlet

Can you make it through the ACT Math Gauntlet? 🙂

I’ve created a packet of 187 practice ACT Math questions that cover every topic that you need to master for ACT Math success. If you can make it through the Gauntlet, and if you understand every problem and the strategies, concepts, and formulas needed to solve them, you should be all set for a high ACT Math score.

You can download the ACT Math Gauntlet here:

Click here to get the ACT Math Gauntlet

The answer key is at the end of the packet, but if you want full video solutions and explanations for all these problem, strategies for tackling ACT Math problems, and an ACT Math Facts & Formulas cheat sheet, check out the ACT Math Bootcamp.

Topic List

Here is a list of the topics covered and which questions test these concepts:

Number Definitions & Sense (#1-4)

Basic Arithmetic (#5-8)

Divisibility, Factors & Multiples (#9-12)

Fractions (#13-16)

Percents (#17-19)

Percent Change (#20 – 22)

Ratios & Proportions (#23 – 25)

Exponents (#26-29)

Scientific Notation (#30)

Radicals (#31-34)

Basic Algebra (#35-38)

Word Problems & Translation (#39-44)

Plugging In (#45)

PITA (#46)

Systems of Equations (#47-48)

Inequalities (#49-51)

Factoring (#52 – 58)

Solving Quadratic Equations (#59-62)

Absolute Value (#63-67)

Functions (#68-74)

Lines & Slope (#75-80)

Distance and Midpoints (#81-82)

Transformations (#83-85)

Triangles (#86-91)

Similar Triangles (#92-93)

Polygons (#94-95)

Circles (#96-102)

Angle Games (#103-105)

Perimeter & Area (#106-114)

Solid Geometry & Volume (#115-120)

Geometrical Reasoning & Logic (#121-122)

Basic Trigonometry (#123-127)

Mean (#128-130)

Median (#131-33)

Mode, Range (#134)

Basic Probability (#135-138)

Advanced Problems

Trig Graphs (#139-141)

Trig Identities (#142-143)

Trig Equations (#144-145)

Law of Sines, Law of Cosines (#146-147)

Triangle Inequality (#148)

Congruence (#149)

Midsegment Theorem (#150-151)

Exponential Growth (#152-154)

Asymptotes (V & H) (#155-158)

Logs (#159-160)

Matrices (#161-163)

Advanced Probability (#164-167)

Expected value/weighted average (#168)

One, None, Infinite Solutions (#169-170)

Quadratics & Finding Vertex (#171)

Counting Problems (#172-174)

Ellipses & Hyperbola (#175-176)

Vectors & Components (i, j) (#177-178)

Complex Numbers (#179-181)

Sequences (#182-184)

Rates & Speeds & Work (#185-186)

Polar Coordinates (#187)

Get the ACT Math Gauntlet

You can download the ACT Math Gauntlet here:

Click here to get the ACT Math Gauntlet

About the Author:

I’m Rob Schombs, the founder of Reason Prep, creator of these videos, and your test prep tutor. I earned a BA in Chemistry (2006) and an MA in Science and Technology Studies (2009) from Cornell University. In 2010 I started tutoring SAT, ACT, math, chemistry, and writing full-time, and Reason Prep followed shortly after!

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4 comments on “ACT Math Gauntlet”

  1. Ananya Vangoor

    For question no. 111, shouldn’t the answer be D. The answer sheet states E as the correct answer, but both -3 and 7 satisfy.

    • Robert Schombs

      When you plug -3 back in to the problem, it gives you sides lengths of -4 and -12. Side lengths can only be positive. So -3 “works” mathematically, but not in reality.

  2. Padgan

    I don’t understand question no. 138. How can a probability be less than zero?

    • Robert Schombs

      You’re trying to find the probability that b – a < 0. This doesn't mean the probability will be less than 0. Imagine a question that asked "What is the probability that you select a red ball?" Would we say that the probability = red ball? That wouldn't make sense. Same thing in this instance.