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Tutoring for SAT, ACT, and More

What tests/subjects do you teach?

  • SAT & PSAT – Math, Reading & Writing, Essay
  • ACT – English, Math, Reading, Science, Essay
  • SAT Subject Tests – Math 1, Math 2, Chemistry, Literature
  • Academic Subjects – Math (up to calculus), Chemistry (up to AP/Honors), Writing (all levels)

For other subjects & standardized tests (e.g. Physics, the Praxis Series), please contact me.

What are your rates?

My online rate depends on the subject:

  • SAT & ACT: $80/hr
  • SAT Subject Tests: $70/hr
  • Academic tutoring (math, chemistry, writing): $60/hr

I generally recommend two 45-minute sessions per week, though we will craft a schedule based on your needs & goals.

Use this form to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss tutoring options. And read below for more information & frequently asked questions.

If you only need occasional, on-demand coaching, learn more about my Extra Help service here.

If the above form isn’t working, please email me directly at 

Don’t settle for big classes, one-size-fits-all curricula, and unremarkable teaching. I write, read, and think about these tests full time and have dedicated myself to the craft of quality coaching and helping my students achieve stellar results. I offer personalized, intensive one-on-one tutoring and mentoring for the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and more to busy students with a variety of goals and needs.

All tutoring is done online through Skype or Google Hangouts. See below for more info about how this works.

I limit my tutoring roster to 12 students. This allows me to focus my attention and efforts on a limited group and deliver the best service I can to my tutoring students.

I currently have limited availability for Spring 2018. I expect to book completely, so please contact me ASAP!

Tutoring Benefits

Students who work with me enjoy four key benefits:

STUDY PLANS: One of the biggest problems for students is knowing what to study, when to study, and how to study. Let me solve that for you! I craft weekly study plans designed to fit your schedule and structure your practice sessions so that you know your time is well spent.

MOTIVATION: Maintaining the motivation and discipline to commit to a study plan can be challenging even in the best of circumstances, so it’s also my task to keep you accountable. Many parents tell me, for example, that “my son/daughter is a good student, but he/she just needs structure and focus.” I specialize in helping underperforming students meet their potential. If you work with me, you’ll work hard – and smart!

QUALITY INSTRUCTION: And of course, let’s not forget what I do best: teach. I’ve been teaching the SAT, ACT, and academic subjects for more than 5 years – and I learn something new every day. I spend time each week analyzing your current level, crafting your study plan, and building assessments and assignments that will target your weaknesses and bolster your strengths. I don’t run students through the exact same syllabus, so whether you need to work on the basics or want to push to “perfection,” we’ll come up with a tutoring plan that fits your needs.

ONLINE COURSES: In addition, all students who work with me for five sessions or more get free, unlimited access to the Platinum Membership, a $197 value. We will use the materials in these courses for homework and review of important concepts and strategies. You will continue to have access to these materials after our tutoring relationship concludes at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions I’m asked about my coaching program:

How does payment work?

You will be billed after each session. Payments can be made with credit card or Paypal.

Note that you are NOT charged for prep work I do outside of session, including:

  • Crafting your weekly study plan.
  • Updating our shared folder (see below) so that everyone – tutor, student, parents, guardians – can keep track of progress.
  • Answering questions by email.
  • Creating worksheets, practice tests, and practice problems that I customize solely for my tutoring students.

You can modify or cancel our tutoring relationship at any time. You are not locked in to any contract!

Note: All sales are final. I do not offer any money-back guarantee or refunds for my tutoring services, but I will work with you to make things right if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Why do you only work with 12 students at a time?

I give close, personalized attention to each student I work with. This requires significant amounts of time and effort, so I have to limit my roster to 12 students to ensure that I can deliver the highest quality service to those students. Therefore, I encourage you to reach out to me sooner rather than later to reserve a slot, even if you’re not planning on starting tutoring right away.

If I am completely booked, I add names to my waiting list on a first come, first serve basis. So be sure to contact me ASAP to lock in your slot!

Where do we meet? How do the online sessions work?

In most cases, we’ll meet online through Skype or Google Hangouts. Not only will we interact by voice, but also I’ll be able to share my computer screen so that I can write on a “virtual blackboard” during the session. This audiovisual pairing will make our sessions feel like we’re in the same room.

Do you cover strategies or content?

Both! A solid grasp of the content (Math, Grammar, etc.) as well as specific strategies for beating your particular test are both critical to getting a high score. Some students might need more focus on content, while others might have the content down and thus need more strategy review, but I do cover both for all students.

Do you assign homework?

Absolutely. The work we do in sessions is, of course, essential to learning the material, but reinforcing and practicing those lessons are perhaps even more important.

The number of hours of homework per week depends on the student’s availability, current score, and goals.

As described above, I design a weekly study plan with specific homework assignments to complete so that everyone (students, parents, tutor) understands exactly what needs to be completed. Assignments include watching lecture videos, worksheets, practice sections, and practice tests.

How much do your students improve?

Student improvements depend on so many factors that a one-size-fits-all answer or a blanket score “guarantee” would be inappropriate. Check out a sample of feedback I’ve received from students, members, and parents. You can also get a sense of my teaching style and breadth of knowledge by viewing Reason Prep’s Free Courses or browsing my Youtube Channel. Many students have increased their scores just by using the video, textual, and practice resources offered in my courses; students who combine tutoring with my materials see the best results.

How many hours of tutoring will I need?

I don’t run all my students through a cookie-cutter curriculum; instead, I design an individualized program based on their needs and goals. Therefore I can’t give a blanket statement about how many hours of tutoring you might need until I get more information about your current score, score goals, and time available before the next test.  Contact me and we can work out a clear schedule that best fits your needs and budget.

How does scheduling work?

I prefer to set up a regular schedule (once per week, once per month, or anything else), but I do have some flexibility week-to-week. We’ll work that out once we start working together.

I live in the Eastern Time Zone (UTC -4). I have worked with students all over the globe, so we can coordinate our time zones to ensure our meeting times work for both of us.

How often will we meet? How long is each session?

We will craft a schedule that works best for you, but I generally recommend two sessions per week, 45 minutes per session.

What is the shared folder?

We keep track of practice test results, HW assignments, and session notes in a Google Drive or OneDrive folder. Students and parents will have access to this folder. Here is an example of what this folder looks like.

What books and study materials do I need?

Depending on the subject taught, you’ll need

  • A Skype account (free)
  • A webcam, only for the audio (no video required on your side)
  • Access to Reason Prep’s courses (free as described above)
  • Official SAT/ACT/other prep guide (~$20)

What is the difference between Tutoring and Extra Help?

Tutoring, as described above, is a comprehensive, customized program to help you thoroughly prep for the SAT, ACT, or other test. It is best suited for students who need a complete course of study to prepare for their test with weekly, customized study plans. Tutoring sessions occur regularly, usually once per week.

Extra Help is a service for students don’t want or need a comprehensive tutoring program but would benefit from occasional guidance, instruction, and review with me. You book sessions as you need, but we won’t necessarily meet regularly. This option is best for students who are self-studying, students too busy for regular tutoring, or students on a budget. You can learn more about Extra Help here.

If you’re not sure whether you should book Extra Help time or if you need more comprehensive tutoring, contact me using the form below.

Contact Rob

Contact me with questions, comments, and inquiries by either filling out the form above (I personally respond to all emails) or giving me a call: