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Practice Tests

SAT & ACT Practice Tests

On this page you’ll find free downloadable and printable SAT and ACT Practice Tests.

Some of these tests come directly from the test makers – these official tests are absolute must-haves!

Other tests were handcrafted by me to help you improve your knowledge of SAT & ACT content, strategies, and tactics. These problems are based on real SAT & ACT questions and have been designed to optimize and accelerate your learning.

Official Practice Tests

Practice SATs

Practice ACTs

Diagnostic Tests

SAT Grammar Diagnostic Test — Learn which grammar rules you need to review to ace the SAT Writing test.

ACT Math Gauntlet — Can you conquer this practice ACT Math test? If you can solve all 187 problems, you’re ready!

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One comment on “Practice Tests”

  1. Muhammad Hamza Niaz

    which practice books do you recommend to buy other than the collegeboard books ?