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SAT, ACT, and Subject Tutoring with Rob Schombs

Personalized Study Plans, Daily Motivation, and Quality Instruction.

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I am currently offering SAT, ACT, and Subject tutoring to a maximum of 10 students online and locally in Central New Jersey. Students who work with me enjoy three key benefits:

  • Personalized Study Plans: One of the biggest problems for students is knowing what to study, when to study, and how to study. Let me solve that for you! I craft weekly study plans designed to fit your schedule and structure your practice sessions so that you know your time is well spent. I do not funnel all of my students through a cookie-cutter curriculum regardless of their abilities or needs. Of course, you’ll need to follow through with the plan – if you don’t do the work, you won’t see the results.
  • Daily Motivation: Maintaining the motivation and discipline to commit to a study plan can be challenging even in the best of circumstances, so it’s also my task to keep you accountable. I’m not going to assign you a study plan and disappear for a week – I’ll email you at least once between our meetings to check in on your progress and keep you motivated. We’ll also set clear “due dates” for your homework assignments to squash procrastination and set achievable goals. Don’t worry – I won’t be pestering you at all minutes of the day. But I won’t hesitate to get you back on track if you start to slack. And last but not least…
  • Quality Instruction: And of course, let’s not forget what I do best: teach. I’ve been teaching the SAT, ACT, and academic subjects for more than 5 years – and I learn something new every day. In addition to getting on-demand access to all of this knowledge in the Members Area of Reason Prep, you’ll also meet with me for one-on-one tutoring sessions to give you targeted feedback and comprehensive instruction. If you prefer, I can also create custom videos for you to learn at your own pace. Or we can devise some combination of live tutoring & custom videos. Again, I don’t run through students through the same syllabus, so if you need to work on the basics or want to hone your skills to make the push to “perfection,” we’ll come up with a tutoring plan that fits your needs.

Here are some common questions I’m asked about my coaching program – feel free to contact me if you have any other questions!

Can I see some testimonials?

Sure! Here’s a sample of feedback I’ve received from students, members, and parents.

How much does your tutoring cost?

All tutoring packages are billed a month in advance on a rolling, month-to-month schedule; you are not required to commit to a long-term contract. The monthly cost depends on two major factors: 1) how often we meet for one-on-one tutoring, and 2) whether we are meeting online or locally in Central NJ. When you contact me, we’ll talk about your needs, and I’ll provide you with a quote for the package of services you want. But here’s a typical package:

  • Four (4) hours per month of one-on-one tutoring and/or four custom videos of up to 15 minutes each. Since I need to spend time preparing, filming, and producing the custom video, note that one hour of tutoring = one 15 minute custom video. Any additional hours or videos above the four per month will be billed at $100/hr or $60/video. Note that we don’t need to meet for an hour at a time – I’ve met with students anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours per session. We’ll figure out what works best for you!
  • Weekly study plan. We will collaborate each week to create a plan for the next seven days. The process usually works like this: at the end of your tutoring session, we’ll set broad goals for the week ahead. We’ll then communicate by email and collaborate on a shared document to generate your study plan and keep track of the progress you’ve made so far. All shared documents and resources will be made available to students and parents/guardians. The plan we create could include completing practice sections, problems, and tests; watching videos from the Members Area; reading sections of prep books; and anything else that will help you reach your goals. This plan will always be dynamic – if we need to change it for any reason, we can do that!
  • Periodic check-in by email. We’ll keep in touch by email through the week to make sure that everything’s going well and to keep you on track. I’ll also answer any quick questions you might have. (More in-depth questions would require a tutoring session or custom video).
  • Platinum Membership to Reason Prep. Access to the Members Area will be yours FOREVER, even after we stop working together. (If you are already a Member, you’ll receive a credit of what you have already paid towards coaching.)
  • Access to custom worksheets, practice tests, and practice problems that I reserve for my tutoring students.

FEE: $500/month

Again, your price will depend on the time we spend together and your needs, but this is a good rough estimate. Fees can be prorated for partial months.

Why do you only work with 10 students at at time? Is there a waiting list?

In order for me to do the best job I can, I need to limit myself to a small pool of students. If you hire me, you know that I’m not dividing my time between dozens of students, so you’ll get the attention and care you deserve. When my rolls are filled, I will keep a waiting list, so please contact me ASAP.

What subjects do you teach?

I currently teach the following subjects:

  • Old SAT – Math, Reading, Writing, Essay
  • New SAT – Math, Reading & Writing, Essay
  • ACT – English, Math, Reading, Science, Essay
  • SAT Subject Tests – Math 1, Math 2, Chemistry, Literature
  • Academic Subjects – Math (up to calculus), Chemistry (up to AP/Honors), Writing (all levels)
  • For other subjects & standardized tests (e.g. the Praxis Series), please contact me.

How do we meet for tutoring?

In most cases, we’ll meet online through Skype or Google Hangouts. Not only will we interact by voice, but also I’ll be able to share my computer screen so that I can write on a “virtual blackboard” during the session. This audiovisual pairing will make our sessions feel like we’re in the same room.

If you are in Central New Jersey (near Piscataway), we may be able to meet face-to-face. However, due to my packed schedule, I may not be able to travel to your location, so let’s talk about your options if you’re local.

How does scheduling work?

I prefer to set up a regular schedule (once per week, once per month, or anything else), but I do have some flexibility week-to-week. We’ll work that out once we start working together.

I live in the Eastern Time Zone (UTC -4). I have worked with students all over the globe, so we can coordinate our time zones to ensure our meeting times work for both of us.

Cancellation Policy

Given my busy schedule, I need to be strict with canceled tutoring sessions. If you cancel less than 24 hours before our session, a $30 fee will be charged. You won’t be charged for tutoring sessions canceled up to 24 hours before the session.

What’s your teaching style? Can I preview your videos?

If you’d like to see my teaching style, check out my free videos on this site or on Youtube. Many students have increased their scores just by using the video, textual, and practice resources offered in the Members Area of my site. Students who combine tutoring with my resources see the best results.

Contact Me With Questions, Comments, and Inquiries at



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  1. AzharDogar

    Hey Mr.Rob! Emailed you about this!

    • Rob

      Yep, I’ll get back to you shortly!

  2. Sony

    Hi Rob,
    I have a few of questions:
    1. I need your help to improve my son SAT CR section. He is currently at low 600 and I want him to get to 750+. How many hours do you think he needs to be tutored by you to reach this goal?
    2. Do you assign home works? How many hours per week?
    3. How do you measure his progress?
    3. What are the differences between tutor sessions and videos that you created for the CR boot camp ?
    4. When we order 5 hours or more, we will have a free access to all the videos. Will we also entitle to the unlimited essay grading?
    5. Beside giving the score for the essay, do you give feed back of how to improve and get a 12?


    • Rob

      I responded to your questions by e-mail!

  3. Nina

    Hi Rob,

    I am looking for Alegbra 2 and Geometry tutoring via Skype for my 14-year-old son. I would like to start in July for 1 hour a day, 5 days a week for a total of 5 or 6 weeks. Are you willing to offer a discounted rate? Please let me know either way as $250 per week is out of my budget.

    Thank you,

    • Rob

      I will e-mail you to discuss!

  4. simi

    Regarding sat chem subject test online tutoring.

    • Rob

      Sure, feel free to email me directly – you can click here to do so.

  5. George

    Hey Rob,

    I’m a high school junior who is struggling with the ACT. The first time I took it I scored a 27 (28E 26M 27R 26S), the second time 26 (30E 27M 24R 21S) and the third time 27 (29E 27M 28R 22S). I’m looking to improve my score 4 points to a 31 to earn a scholarship for attending university. I was wondering how realistic these goals are and if you could possibly help me do this? Thanks

    – George

    • Rob

      It’s definitely realistic. You’re not asking for a huge jump, and I think if you improve that lagging Science score, you’ll have a much better chance at hitting that 31. I can definitely help you with this. If you haven’t already, check out http://reasonprep.com/enroll/ where you can learn about the Members Area of my site where I keep the majority of my ACT Prep videos. If you’re interested in online tutoring, feel free to e-mail me and we can talk.

  6. Lynn C.

    Hi Rob
    I asked you a free SAT audit on my report and it was helpful.
    I took the sat in Jan. and scored 1500s.
    I really need to improve that score up to 300 pts at least in THREE MONTHS for colleges that I really want to go.
    I was wondering how realistic this goal is and which way between online tutor and vedios would help me to reach the goal.

    • Rob

      It’s definitely a realistic goal; 100 points per section is definitely doable.

      The main factor in achieving your goal will be the amount of time you put into practicing; tutoring & videos can help, of course, but they won’t do anything without a firm commitment by you to consistent practice. You should be studying 3 hrs per day, 6 days per week, from now until the test.

      As for prep help, if you think you can study on your own with the aid of my videos (and contact with me by e-mail for any specific questions), the Members Area videos should be plenty to help you. If you’d like more one-on-one interaction with me, then online tutoring is best for you. Either way, let me know if you have any further questions.

  7. Lura

    i have less than 20 days till the exam sat1, ican’t focus to study and i can’t get over 1050 .
    what i should do to improve to get 1700 . i really need help , i am taking coures and i feel it doesn’t affect .

    • Rob

      There are a lot of things you can do to improve your scores; you just have to start practicing every day. Go here:


      And download the Study Guide for 1500 and 1600. Don’t try to increase your score from 1050 to 1800 in one go – you need to work step by step. Download that study guide & start working, slowly but surely. I also have a ton of free advice & videos on this site & my Youtube channel, so work through them methodically!

  8. Donna Cahill


    My son can’t break 1500 on the SAT. He has 1400. Do you offer online tutoring – he currently is at a boarding school.


    Donna Cahill

    • Rob

      I do indeed offer online tutoring; the details are on this page. Go here if you’d like to e-mail me to discuss further:


  9. Marcela Lara

    1. I need your help to improve my daughter SAT all sections. She is currently at low 1420 and I want her to get to 2000+. How many hours do you think she needs to be tutored by you to reach this goals?

    2. Do you assign home works? How many hours per week?

    3. How do you measure her progress?

    3. What are the differences between tutor sessions and videos that you created for the CR boot camp ?

    4. Beside giving the score for the essay, do you give feed back of how to improve and get a 12?

    5. She´s going to take the test january 24/2014.


    • Rob

      1. It’s impossible for me to say how many hours she would need of tutoring/studying in order to increase her scores by 600+ points. All I can say is that the key variable would be how much time she could put in on studying & practicing on her own. Tutors can certainly help guide students on the path, but ultimately they need to walk it. Since she’s taking the test in January, I’d say she’d probably need to be tutored once per week until the exam with her also putting in 1.5 hrs/day, 6 days per week of her own studying.

      2. Yes, I do assign HW, somewhere on the order of 9 hrs/week (1.5 hrs/day as stated above).

      3. The CR Bootcamp teaches my exact method; I haven’t held anything back in the Members Area videos – everything I teach to my tutoring students I teach in the videos as well. The big benefit of one-on-one tutoring for Critical Reading is that I can pinpoint a student’s particular weaknesses & problems with the reading section. Obviously, a video can’t provide that kind of personalized attention.

      4. Yep, I give the score & specific feedback in either video or written form.

  10. Omnia

    HI are all the video their one time like i can study it in 2 weeks or i should wait till you update them ?

    • Rob

      Hm I can’t quite follow your question, so I’ll just say that yes, you can study the videos all at one time, and you should do so ASAP. I won’t be changing the SAT videos in any major way (aside from updates here and there) for a good while.

  11. Elaine

    Hi Rob,
    My son is a sophomore and took the PSAT in autumn with a score of 48 for 4 and 51 for math. He drastically wants to improve his scores and end closer to the top 15-10 percentile. We have signed up as members but I would also like to take you on as an online tutor 1 hr per day, 4 days per week spread out in the evenings and weekend. From now until end of April or possibly longer. Can you lemme know if you are available to take this on. I am happy to pay two months upfront at a time.
    Can you also let me know how we could measure progress. Ideally we want a higher score on a practice test in April and then continue tutoring online through the summer and autumn for prep for his junior year PSAT.
    Thanks in advance

    • Rob

      I will e-mail you directly!

  12. Jeeva

    We are interested in your math and chemistry high school tutoring. Please let us now the best way to go about this.

    • Rob

      I’ll e-mail you!

  13. Mona

    Hi, are you still offering tutoring?
    Summer is over but I was wondering if you could help me prepare for the SAT in May and June.

    • Rob

      My schedule is a bit busy right now, but we may be able to work out a day and/or time. Please email me directly for more info!

  14. Dennis Flaherty

    Hi Rob,

    We are interested in having you online tutor our daughter. My daughter is a junior and has taken the SAT twice, scoring a 1550, then a 1860. The 1860 was a direct result from your platinum course. Critical reading-550, Math-630, writing-680. She said that she struggles with the passages. She wants at least a 2100+ for SAT. Her next SAT date is most likely October. We also need you for her ACT which she will take in September, and your assistance in SAT subject test-Math level 2. (Goals of high scores as well) All her testing has to be completed by Nov/Dec. Would you be able to tutor her?

    • Rob

      Hi Dennis – Yes, I should be able to help your daughter with these tests. I’ll email you directly.

  15. suneet panghli

    Hi.I am a junior right now and I have one last shot at the act this September. I am going to use my summer studying for this exam really hardly. I am willing to put in all of time and effort to make this last ACT a success. So far I have a 27 composite and I really need a 30. I have been using this site which has all of the released act tests for the past year. What I need help with is someone making me understand what my mistakes are. If I don’t understand something I just kind of skip of it because there is no one in my family who can help me. I know that it is the questions I skip that are lowering my score. So will you be willing to tutor me on specific questions that I don’t understand rather than tutoring me on a general overview of something. Thank you for you time and consideration..

    • Rob

      I’d be happy to help you however I can to improve your ACT scores – when I tutor students, we always focus our efforts on the tasks that will provide the most value. I don’t run all of my students through the exact same course of study but rather design a program for them based on their needs. So if you just needed to meet here and there for me to answer specific questions you have, we can absolutely do that! So please feel free to contact me directly so we can discuss options – my email is on this page.

  16. Inessa

    Looking for SAT2 chemistry tutor, might be also interested in SAT as well, we are local- Central NJ,please contact with available options, thank you.

    • Rob

      Got your voicemail from earlier today, I will return your call tomorrow (6/26/15)! Thanks for your interest.

  17. Jack Wu

    I am trying to find SAT essay grading service to grade my practice essay. Do you provide this service? If you do, how does it work?


    • Rob

      Yes, I can do this for you. You send me an essay, I grade it & create a custom video for you going over the essay’s strengths and areas to improve. The price is $15/essay. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me directly.

      OR you can join the Members Area of Reason Prep which comes with unlimited essay grading at no additional cost.