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Just Pick C: A Test Prep Show

Just Pick C: A Test Prep Show

Just Pick C is a test prep show on Youtube, with new videos posted Tuesday and Friday. I cover strategies, tips, and tactics for the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, APs, College Admissions, and more. I also respond to your questions! See below for more info on how to get your question featured on the show.

Here is a listing of the episodes. If you’d like to watch the episodes directly on Youtube, click here for the playlist. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on Youtube.

Unless otherwise specified, videos apply to both the SAT and ACT. If the video is focused on a specific subject, you’ll see those subjects in the title of the video OR in brackets next to the title. For example, [Math 2] = SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2. [Fun] = just for fun!

#1 – Hard Geometry & Possibility

#2 – Biggest “Main Idea” Mistake

#3 – Solving for Inverse Functions [ACT, Math 1, Math 2]

#4 – Punctuation Problems

#5 – Resist Algebra

#6 – How to Stop Zoning Out When Reading

#7 – Keep It Simple, Smarty

#8 – New SAT Vocab List! [SAT]

#9 – Office Tour [Fun]

#10 – How to Get Unstuck Between Two Choices

#11 – Scholarships for Reason Prep

#12 – Graphing Word Problems

#13 – Can’t Finish the Test in Time?

#14 – Easiest Test Date for SAT or ACT?

#15 – Free SAT, PSAT, ACT Score Report Analysis

#16 – Livestream Strawpoll! [Fun]

#17 – Double, Double?

#18 – Strategy: Beginning or End?

#19 – ACT Reading Time Wasters

#20 – SAT or ACT?

#21 – Better Test Taking, Part 1

#22 – 5 Tips for Using Third-Party Test Prep Books

#23 – What If I Run Out of Practice SATs?

#24 – SAT & ACT Reading List

#25 – ACT Math Gauntlet! [ACT]

How to Ask Questions

Have a question about the SAT, ACT, or anything else? Send it to me and I may answer it on the show! Just email your question to


A few ground rules:

  1. I answer questions about the SAT; ACT; SAT Subject Tests in Math, Chemistry, and Literature; AP Calculus, AP English, AP Chemistry; College Essays & College Admissions. If your question isn’t from one of these topics, feel free to send it to me
  2. If you are sending me a specific problem from a test, please include the Test Source, image of the question, and the answer.
  3. The more specific your question, the better! Questions like, “How can I raise my score from X to Y?” or, “How can I improve on Critical Reading?” are too broad for me to give a quick, useful answer. Questions like, “I seem to have trouble with Two-Part Reading questions and always make this particular mistake – any advice?” are better.
  4. While I can’t answer every question on the show, I will try my best to reply to your email.