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On this site you'll find over 1000 videos with over 80 hours of content  covering all aspects of the SAT, ACT, and more.

Quick Start Guides

SAT Quick Start Guide

STEP ONE: Learn how to reach your SAT score goal - from 1500 to 2400

STEP TWO: Download the Study Guides and Other Downloads

STEP THREE: Browse the video collections & other resources using your Study Guides.

SAT Math Videos

Math Diagnostic Test - Take the diagnostic test and determine which areas you need to focus on to improve your score. Includes video answer explanations.

SAT Math Bootcamp - This series covers all the basic skills & concepts you need to conquer the SAT. If you need lots of help with the math section, start here!!

SAT Math Tactics - These videos apply what you learn in the Bootcamp on real SAT problems. These video cover dozens of strategies for using your math knowledge to improve your SAT math score.

SAT Critical Reading Videos & Word Lists

SAT Critical Reading Bootcamp - The most in-depth SAT Critical Reading resource you'll ever find. These videos cover every nook and cranny of the reading section - sentence completions and passage-based reading questions. I also work through hundreds of practice reading problems in these vids.

SAT Vocab List - Get this vocab list (2000+ words) organized by priority - this list both common words you'll see on your SAT as well as the difficult vocab that you need to solve the hardest reading questions.

SAT Writing Videos

Grammar Diagnostic Test - Take the diagnostic test and determine which grammar rules you need to review to improve your score. Includes video answer explanations.

SAT Grammar Bootcamp - This video series covers all the grammar you need for the writing section. Know these rules and you're well on your way to an amazing Writing score.

SAT Grammar Tactics - These videos apply what you learned in the Bootcamp on real SAT grammar problems. I cover over 150 practice problems, divided into the major error categories and show you the best ways to tackle these questions.

SAT Essay Bootcamp - What makes a great SAT essay? This video series covers everything, from how to write your thesis to how to pick great examples. I also write a real SAT essay live in one of the videos so you can see how it all comes together.

Other SAT Resources

Youtube Playlists - Find other SAT video series that I post on Youtube here.

Reason Prep's SAT eBook - If you prefer reading to video, check out this eBook, which covers how to prepare for the SAT in detail. I've also integrated relevant videos into the text.

SAT Encyclopedia - Lots of articles on various topics related to the SAT.

Practice SATs - Download four official practice SATs here.

Online Tutoring - Learn about my tutoring service here!

ACT Quick Start Guide

STEP ONE: Learn how to reach your score goals from 21 to 36

STEP TWO: Download the Study Guides and Other Downloads

STEP THREE: Browse the video collections & other resources using your Study Guides.

ACT English Bootcamp - All of these videos are available FREE on Youtube. I cover the major grammar rules & reading/writing skills you need to crush the ACT English test. I also work through four full practice ACT English tests.

ACT Math Bootcamp - A comprehensive overview of the math content, formulas, and strategies for ACT Math mastery. I also work through four practice ACT Math tests - that's 240 practice problems.

ACT Reading Bootcamp - Having trouble with ACT Reading? This series is for you. Learn how to manage your time effectively, how to approach the passages, and how to zero in on the right answer. I work through four practice ACT Reading tests - that's 16 passages and 160 questions.

ACT Science Bootcamp - In addition to reviewing important scientific literacy skills and information, I show you the most effective and efficient ways to navigate the ACT Science test. I also work through four tests - 28 passages and 160 questions - question-by-question.

ACT Red Book Solutions - I work through all five practice tests of the Real ACT Prep Guide (3rd Edition). This series includes 110 videos and nearly 27 hours of content!

Practice ACTs - Download the four tests I use in the Bootcamps here.

ACT Encyclopedia - Articles about the ACT.

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Chemistry Review - I work through three full SAT Chemistry practice tests (and bonus questions) and review important concepts you need to know for test day.

SAT Math Level 1 & 2 - I work through two Math 1 and two Math 2 tests (and bonus questions) and review important concepts you need to know for test day.

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  1. Susie

    Would advice would you give for people who are about to take the test in less than one week. I’ve been using your videos as my SAT prep and am going to take it this Sat. did you have any last minute tips?

  2. Aya

    Heyy. I’m planning on enrolling in your course very soon. I just have a few questions. One, how much time do I need to my significantly improve. Two, right now I’m at 1620, my goal by November, the latest, is 2000-2100 . Is that possible? Like if I follow and commit to your videos, will that be enough? I’m also taking Testmasters online course, so do you think that would be enough?

    • Rob

      Big score gains are possible if you commit to consistent practice and use the videos diligently. While no one can guarantee large score gains in a short period of time, you’ll definitely improve with my videos. But again, the most important thing is practice. Commit to two or three 1.5 hour blocks of study time every day during the summer and one or two blocks during the school year and you’ll see some gains.

  3. Haleema

    What do you think about the Barron’s vocabulary list? I’m aiming to get a 2200+ score but the thing is that I’m bad at the writing part and ok-ish at the critical reading. I was planning to appear in November(can also take the test in december..but the thing is that it will be my one and only chance then –no second chances and I really have to get a 2200+ score.) Also I will also be giving 3 subject tests in december. What do you suggest?

    • Rob

      I don’t know much about Barron’s Vocab List but I doubt it’s any kind of magic bullet. Vocab is important but the majority of the questions on the Reading are based on your reading skill. Of course reading skill is somewhat vocab based, but it’s also a skill that you can improve. So I’d say focus on the most important vocabulary words (such as those on my Vocab List, Levels 1-3) and then spend most of your time practicing reading. The Critical Reading Bootcamp should be helpful for you here.

  4. Haleema

    Do you think that a student can get the desired score(the average score of the 6-10 practice tests) in the first attempt?!

    • Rob

      It’s possible, though sometimes weird things can happen when you take the real thing. Some students score better than their average practice test score, some score worse. I believe nerves/stress is the major cause of this discrepancy.

  5. Ed Helbling

    Please give me any suggestions on how to improve my scores. I’ve taken the diagnostc tests for both math and grammer and did well. I’ve also looked at all the videos for the others sections. however i’m still getting mid- high 500’s on all the section im taking the test in october. Do you have any ideas to boost my score. im trying to get a 1800.

    • Rob

      There’s a lot of reasons why your scores could be flat. You say you did well on the diagnostic tests, but if you’re missing a good chunk of questions, there is likely some content that you’re missing. Is there a common question type you are missing? A rule that tricks you consistently? These are the kinds of things we need to know in order to figure out what you need to do next. Feel free to e-mail me (rob@reasonprep.com) and we can discuss it further!

  6. Joel A

    Hi Rob, My son Braxton has been working hard using your tools. His is taking the SAT next Saturday OCT 5th. Which of the Math Videos mostly cover Level 3 difficulty.. they seem to be the ones giving him the most trouble.

    • Rob

      The videos aren’t organized by difficulty, only by problem. The best thing he can do is go through each of the math sections in the four practice tests available on my site and do the following questions:

      20 Q section: 7-14
      18 Q section: 3-6, 12-16
      16 Q section: 6-13

      These are most likely to be the “medium” questions that Braxton needs to practice. If he has any questions on these problems, check out the videos or e-mail me and I can direct him to the relevant videos for those problems.

  7. Nadia

    i want to get 800 in each section,if i watch all your videos ..will i get and a score of 2400?

    • Rob

      Perhaps! There’s no way I can guarantee any score, especially since I don’t know your starting scores. But I can guarantee that my videos are comprehensive, and students have used them, in conjunction with a rigorous study schedule, to increase their SAT scores.

  8. Chris

    Hey Rob,

    I just wanted to thank you for this awesome web site. I studied all summer using Reason Prep and my score jumped from 1820 to 2160 on the October SAT. Thank you so much, you saved my college application!

    • Rob

      Wow what great news! Congrats! Your hard work paid off. Good luck with your apps. :)

  9. Drasti Chaudhari

    I just found your website/videos and was reading over some students responses. I think this is exactly what I was looking for. Can you please email me back? I really want to score at 1800-1900 on the SAT. Please email me back.
    -Thank you!

    • Rob

      You got it!

  10. Quinn

    Hi, I am retaking the SAT in May and am trying to juggle school work. Yet, I do not want to be unprepared on test day. Can you make a recommended study plan for members if they have the test in 3 to 4 months? Or perhaps write a blog post or something about how much to study the SAT per week so the skills are still sharp. Thanks for listening! :)

    • Rob

      Hi Quinn – I talk about the best study methods in these posts:


      The last link offers you study guides for each score goal so that you know what to focus on in your studies. To sum up these articles: focus on working a little bit each day (perhaps 1.5 hrs of studying each day) rather than cramming a lot on single days or weekends. The more you can spread out your practice, the better. So spending your day watching some of the videos in the Members Area and/or completing a practice section is a great use of your time. Commit to consistent practice over the next three to four months and you’ll greatly benefit.

  11. dan

    Hi Rob, the hardest section for me is the reading one. i tend to skip a lot of the vocab completions and I make a lot of dumb mistakes on the reading passages. Time is a problem for me because I feel rushed and can’t think as clearly but when I take the practice test with no time, i get almost every single one. I feel if i can get 95% of the reading passage answers correct my score will improve. It was a 490 and is now up to a 580. I’m trying to get somewhere in the 1800’s for my total SAT which would require me to try to get at least a 600 on CR. Any recommendations?

    • Rob

      Part of your study program should likely be dedicated to some vocab studying. Check out my vocab list & study Levels 1-3.

      For the passages, it depends on how exactly you are using your time. If you are reading the passage before you answer the questions, this is probably not an efficient use of your time. Instead, you’ll want to do the question as you read the passage. I demonstrate this strategy in the Critical Reading Bootcamp. Video #7 might be helpful for you.

      If you’d like to chat more about this, feel free to contact me by email! Click the contact button.

  12. dan

    Hi Rob, for the math i keep on getting all the easy right and most of the mediums but i tend to skip all the hard ones and a few hard mediums. out of the 20 question one, i got 15 right but omitted 5. what can I do to answer maybe 2 or 3 more of them? time is not a problem. i just simply don’t know how to do them. the test i took was the the 2005 practice SAT. it was a PDF file on your website. section 2. I’m scared omitting that many will make my score go down below a 600.

    • Rob

      It’s great that you’re getting all the easies & most of the mediums right. So now it’s time to focus on the hards. The best thing to do there is practice as many hard math questions as you can. Start with the tests on my site & watch the relevant Tactics videos for the answers to those questions. Make sure you understand how each question works, and feel free to send me an e-mail if you want more help. Then move on to the Blue Book and other sources of OFFICIAL SAT questions (don’t use fake questions from other companies). Practice those until you understand them completely. Dedicate yourself to the hards and you should begin to build the “muscles” needed to answer them. Focus especially on those questions 15-18 (20Q section), 12-14 (16 Q section) and 5-7, 13-16 (18 Q section)

  13. Camilo hozman

    Hello Rob I’m camilo and I has taken 2 times the sat. The university where I’m applying is just going to look the reading and math part I’m expecting to get 650 on each section. My latest score was 380 on math and 340 on my reading. I would like to joking your web side but I don’t understand how to do it. I know how to pay bit after I don’t know if I will have an account to have access to all the videos. I’m planning to take the sat on May an June and them will be my lastest opportunities for me. I appreciate your help.

    Thank y

    • Rob

      To join, go to the Enroll page: http://reasonprep.com/enroll/

      Click the add to cart button and fill in your payment information. Once you sign up, you’ll get an e-mail from my site with your username and password. If you have any problems or questions, you can always email me!

  14. Wren

    Hey Rob,
    This is Wren. I was wondering if you would answer some questions about the membership and enrollment via e-mail. Thanks so much. :)

    • Rob

      You got it!

  15. dasani

    Hi Rob,
    I looked at the syllabus and a paper of the ACT and it seems a lot easier than the SAT. I asked a couple of teachers and students in school, and they told me that it is easier but colleges know that so they don’t really consider it much, and the SAT has a lot more value…is that true?

    • Rob

      It used to be that way, but not anymore. Colleges look at SAT & ACT equally at this point. Note, though, that if the test is easier overall (I think it is), it’s easier for everyone, so you won’t get any special advantage. But if the test is easier for YOU personally, then you might find some value in trying it out. My recommendation is to download a practice ACT from my site, try it out (in test-taking conditions), and see how you do. If your score is significantly better than your SAT score, you might consider giving the ACT a closer look. But I do recommend focusing all your efforts on one test rather than splitting your attention on both.

  16. Etsehiwot Negash

    This is really cool!! Reason Prep really helped me understand the SAT’s more.

    • Rob

      Great to hear!

  17. Chanel

    Hi Rob I Know you were only doing the SAT Audit for a limited time But I’ve been watching your SAT Bootcamp Videos . But also I Am really determined to get a Better score for My SAT again In October And I Need to Have a better score for The College I’ desire to go to & I’d LOVE For your help !!! Please email Me If You Can I’d Deeply appreciate it . Hopefully You’ll Get This . Thank You !

  18. Avantika

    Hi Rob,

    I will be taking the psat in October and was wondering if you knew anything about the accuracy of the practice tests in the Gruber’s PSAT/NMQST Guide (its the yellow book). Are the tests as hard as the actual psat or are the more difficult? Because I found that I scored better on the Kaplan psat test than the Grubers one.

    • Rob

      Almost all third-party PSAT/SAT tests will be more or less inaccurate than the real PSAT/SAT. Not sure how the Gruber’s compares to the Kaplan, PR, etc., but if you can find real PSATs (or even SATs) to practice with, you’ll probably see more consistent results.

  19. Sri

    i am taking my sat in 2 weeks, is there anyway to go from a 2000-2150 range to a 2200-2350 range in that time period?
    i am very desperate

    • Rob

      It’s “possible” to increase that quickly, but it’s certainly going to be difficult. I can’t predict for sure whether you’ll have success increasing your scores that quickly simply because I don’t know your strengths & weaknesses, score breakdowns, etc. Your goal over the next two weeks is to 1) identify your weak areas and 2) work hard at improving those weak areas. For example, if you are consistently getting passage questions wrong, that’s an area to dedicate time in the next couple weeks. If you get functions questions wrong, or the hardest math questions, then spend some time there. Since your time budget is limited, you need to be very particular about what you study, and you’ll need to figure out those areas yourself by working through practice sections diligently.

  20. basheeralikaparambil

    I am taking my sat in two weeks. what is the best way to increase my score?
    i am really worried. i had attempted the exam without any preparation and had scored 1380. i would like to increase my score mainly in critical reading and maths sections.
    previous scores 420(Cr. reading) 580( maths). i want to increase both above 620.

    • Rob

      Increasing your score by at least 300 points over two weeks will be a challenge, so at the very least you’ll have to commit every spare second you have left to studying for the exam. I recommend watching this video:


      In it I give some tips on how to study for the SAT at the last minute. This should give you some basic guidelines to prep you for the November SAT.

  21. Gopal Garai

    I have learned so much from the free video lecture……thanks a lot

    • Rob

      Glad the videos helped!

  22. Autumn


    Thanks for all the work you do! Your website is a great resource.

    I currently have a 1690 on the SAT, 580, 530, 580, CR, M and W respectively. I took it in my Sophomore year. As a junior now I am studying for the SAT using the Blue book and Princton. My score is now around 1820. How can I get it 100 points higher… especially in math?

    • Rob

      I recommend going here: http://reasonprep.com/how-to-achieve-from-1500-to-2400/ and downloading the study guide for 2000, 2100, and 2200. That should outline some of the basics. But specifically for math, I assume that you’re getting most of the easy & medium questions at this point, so likely you need to focus on the hard questions. What I advise for students in that situation is to get as many real SATs as possible and do all the hard questions until you completely understand them. The more familiar you become with the solutions to questions of this difficulty, the more likely you’ll get them right on the real test!

  23. Hossam

    Hi Mr.Rob
    I just received my scores today, which is a total of 1450.
    Its my fourth trial on SAT I with 1100 on the 1st, 1400 on the 2nd, 1370 on the third, and finally 1450 on the fourth trial. My math score is a 590 and critical of 420 and writing of 430.
    It seems like i’m stuck here in the 1400’s..
    I’ve totally lost hope. My ticket to college totally depends on this test and I think I wont make it.
    Im taking the January test which is exactly one month ahead from now. Im a senior and i have two trials left. It is a matter of life or death here. My target score is 1800 which despondently i cant beat.
    So can you provide me with a course that will help me beat this target? I surfed through the comments and found positive remarks which elated me up. So I hope that you can help me.


  24. Patty D


    Thanks for all you do!

    My current official SAT score is a 1690. My goal is about a 1950. I have been doing the official College board “Blue Book” tests and my score is improving – I am at about an 1850. I would like a 670 CR, 600 M, and a 680 W. Is that attainable from where I am now?


    • Rob

      Absolutely! You’ve already made gains, so pushing for more is definitely possible. It’s hard to say exactly where those gains can come from without knowing your scores, but I can say (generally speaking) that you should make sure you’re getting almost all (if not all) of the easy & medium grammar and math questions correct. Missing any of those consistently can really put a hurting on your scores.

  25. SaurabhSingh

    What should I do to get most of the level 4 and 5 questions on Critical reading right?

    • Rob

      Pay attention very carefully to each word in the choice, and make sure the choice AS A WHOLE (each word) maps directly onto what the passage actually says, with specific focus on the line reference in the question. Sometimes it comes down to tough vocab, so in those cases you need to eliminate as many choices as you can based on the above criteria & then make a guess.

  26. Tunn

    Hi Rob,
    I’ve been thinking about joining the reason prep. I already take the PSAT without any preparation and end up having miserably score on reading and writing part. I have about 2 months until my SAT. Do I need to buy extra book for the course? And will there be a practice question along the video right?
    Thank you

    • Rob

      The only book you’d need is the Official SAT Study Guide: http://www.amazon.com/Official-Study-Guide-Second-Edition/dp/0874478529

      Use these, the four tests on this site, and my videos, and you’ll have a great foundation for practice.

      Yes, most videos address practice questions. I recommend trying the question yourself before watching the video.

  27. T

    Hi Rob, i am planing on taking the sat this year on may/june and i would like to score 2000 or above is the first time that i am going to take it, do you think that its possible? I am not very good at writing and some teachers told me to read more books in order to improve my writing and comprehension.

    • Rob

      Sure, achieving that score is possible. However, I don’t know anything about your background or current score, so I can’t tell you how likely it is, just that it’s certainly possible.

      Reading can certainly improve your comprehension & writing skills over the long term, but over the short term the best way to get better at the SAT is to practice with real SAT questions. In addition, I offer a ton of resources on this site and on my Youtube channel, so check them out! And feel free to contact me with any specific questions you have.

  28. sid

    Hey Rob
    I took the test in 11th grade and scored a 1500
    I just discovered your website and was hoping you could email me back.I was looking to score a 1900

    • Rob

      You got it!

  29. Lynn

    Hi Rob,

    I’ve purchased the study videos awhile ago for my high school Junior. However her school is very demanding, she does not have time to go through all the videos. Critical reading is her problem. She is in low 500 currently, we’d like to get to the 600s in the June test (less than 2 month). Besides memorizing vocabs, what are other strategies would you recommend? Could you list out the videos she should be watching?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Rob

      I’ll email you directly about this!

  30. saranya

    hi, i have a question. i know you should only use the Collegeboard practice tests to practice for the SAT, but i have over 4 months till i take the SAT and i already did all the practice tests in the blue book. should i use Kaplan or Princeton’s SAT books or is there a better way for me to do this?

    • Rob

      First, there might be some value to redoing tests for additional practice & reinforcement. If you do the questions again and still get them wrong, that’s a sign that you’ve still got something to learn. Also make sure that you’re not just doing practice test after practice test with little review or revision of those tests after you’ve done them. The learning takes place in the careful review of every single question; without this process, you’ll essentially just be reinforcing your bad habits.

      For additional tests, there are four more practice tests on my site here:


      In addition, if scroll to the “More Practice Tests” section, you’ll find out about the SAT Official Online course – this will give you another 9 practice tests.

  31. 0823199...

    Hey so I took the SAT twice already and I haven’t gotten anywhere near what I was hoping to get. I want to take my score from a 1470 to at least a 1900.My critical reading score hasn’t moved up at all. And I plan on taking the sat again in less than 6 weeks. How can I get a 500 point increase in that time frame? Is it possible? What should i do exactly to get that point increase? Thanks again for all the videos. I’ve watched most of them today and they are great.

    • Rob

      Without knowing more about your background and previous experience with the SAT, it’s difficult to predict how much you can improve over a 6 week period, but I can say that it is definitely possible to improve your score pretty significantly if you put in the time & effort. I have a ton of information on this site and Youtube about how you can improve on all the sections, so check that out for more information, but the most important thing is that you should be practicing 1.5 hrs/day, 5-6 days per week consistently between now and the test. If you study only once in a while, the chances of making big gains will be slim. So put in the time and you’ll see increases!

      Feel free to send me score report from your most recent test, and I’d be happy to take a look at it for you & give you more targeted advice.

  32. Maheen

    Can you PLEASSSE summarize, what verb form means?
    for sat. Cant find your video on youtube.

    • Rob

      The basic idea is that sometimes the sentence will use the wrong verb form – a gerund/participle (i.e ending in -ing) or the infinitive (to + verb). Example:

      He always wanted visiting France.

      This is the wrong form – it should be the -infinitive form, i.e. “He always wanted TO VISIT France.”

      Sometimes you need the “-ing” form instead, for example:

      I watched him to steal the painting. –> I watched him STEALING the painting.
      You can learn more about participles, gerunds, and infinitives in this vid:


  33. michael

    thanks for the help

    • Rob

      You’re very welcome!